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Relay for Life with CVS

Right after Mom’s funeral, Miquel announced to us all that CVS would be honoring Mom with their contribution to Relay for Life. I was impressed and honored that they would do that.   Thank...


Our Christmas Day 2014

Once again, the holiday air had a difference about it. I think mostly because Mom wasn’t able to handle the whole dinner like in years past. But everyone brought something and contributed.

Thanksgiving at Linda's 0

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving as usual was at Linda and George’s house. This year was a little different, Enric and family were not in Wisconsin and could be with us, and George had commitments in Florida, so...

Christmas Day 0

Christmas 2011

Sunday brought Christmas! We went to church and family came soon after. I didn’t get many photos, perhaps after a few rounds of presents, I was tuckered out. 🙂  

My Little Girl Turns 18 and Thanksgiving 1

My Little Girl Turns 18 and Thanksgiving

Laura decided on a small get together at home for her 18th birthday. Of course this was her third such get together, this one was just on her actual birthday.   So Laura had...

Connor and Aiden Birthday Party 0

Connor and Aiden Birthday Party

Today was the boys’ birthday party. It had been ages since we’d been to the house, it was good to go! Here are some photos of the day: (Click on the images to see...

Birthday Party For Silas 0

Birthday Party For Silas

This year Miranda decided to have Silas’s birthday party a little early. Just like last year, it was held at Lake Waterford Park.   Perhaps I should pause here and give the reason for...