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We Still Do Sunsets

Things you remember as a child… My mom turned on the movie Born Free one evening, she made a big deal out of it, and I was instantly in love with lions and of...

Perth Royal Show: The Fireworks 0

Perth Royal Show: The Fireworks

In the night, we knew there would be fireworks, but John kept warning me not to expect much. (I was so impressed by the fireworks on Australia Day). The evening’s activities were so much...

Australia Day in Perth 2013 (Part 2) 0

Australia Day in Perth 2013 (Part 2)

So even though John and I will be married a year next month, I don’t think he realized what a fireworks nut I am. I was getting more excited as the time came near...

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Our Independence Day

We had a quiet 4th of July this year. We had some tennis watching time, swimming, and cookout. Alejandra and Miquel played tennis. After that, a good American tradition over a fire, Smores.

Our Fourth 3

Our Fourth

Our July 4th started with a sit-down family lunch of Tortilla de Patatas. With everyone’s tummy happy, we decided to get some tennis in before heading out to the harbor. Already happy to have...

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Fireworks Early

Yesterday, a day before the usual July 4th celebrations we went to a local park to watch fireworks. This was a tad stressful for me in the sense that years running now, I haven’t...

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Our Independence Day

We had a very sweet July 4th. The weather was sunny and great, the pool water was not too cold, and my sister and her husband came (fixed the bathroom fixtures, which was very...