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Fun in a Tree

Kings Park was having a plant sale, and after a day at the Royal Show, it seemed like a nice, relaxing thing to do after church. And it was. So we bought some plants...



Since my ankle is still recovering, we decided to make our Saturday outing a long drive. Later we would see we went 1000 kilometers. (621 miles).      

road trip with salmon gums 0

Road Trip part 1

Or could also be titled, Ode to Salmon gums and rusty things. The weather has started to be a little cooler here in the Perth area of Western Australia. So, I thought to bring...

Autumn Drive 0

Autumn Drive

Besides seeing my precious family, another reason to come back to Maryland was my favorite time of year. I came back at the peak of autumn colors! My apologies and thanks to  my son...

Sundown 0


Lovely sunsets don’t have to be by the water, and we were far from the beach this time.

Dalwallinu 1

Driving to Dalwallinu

Driving to Dalwallinu John took some time off for my arrival so we could begin Honeymoon 3.0* and start our trek looking for wildflowers. It’s hard to plan these things as wildflowers arrivals depend...

Greens Verge Collection 0

Greens Verge Collection

Each year it is made available greens verge collection in John’s area. Years ago when I first met John, I didn’t even know what verge meant. Verge = a strip of grass or other...

Silas and Rubi in the Backyard 0

Silas and Rubi in the Backyard

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard.” ~Dorothy, Wizard of Oz   The same day we raked leaves, we went out...

Trees, Spiders, and Grandchildren 0

Trees, Spiders, and Grandchildren

Advice from a Tree – By Ilan Shamir Stand tall and proud. Sink your roots into the earth. Be content with your natural beauty. Go out on a limb. Drink plenty of water. Remember...

After the Bush Fire 0

After the Bush Fire

Much to John’s surprise and apparently unprecedented in Koondoola Bush, it has remained closed for a long time after the fire. So we decided to look outside and see what damaged was done. It’s...

Picking up sticks 0

Picking Up Sticks

Unfortunately the trees in our yard (and there are many) are not in good health. Thanks to severe thunderstorms and harsh snow storms, branches easily get knocked down into our yard a lot. This...

drive 1

A Drive Around

A Drive around Perth Today, after a rough night, I decided I should probably go to see a doctor. Turned out, one could see me as early as 12:30 in the afternoon. So we...